Stars and Whales Singing How Great Is Our God (VidPost)

Stick with this video until the end. It starts at a point where Louie Giglio is talking about the sound patterns made by certain types of stars (pulsars) and whales. Together, they seem to bring praise to God their creator. Hear them, unedited, as a backdrop to the song How Great Is Our God, by Chris Tomlin. Sing along, share with others and bring praise to your Maker!

The Word of God reads: “Let heaven and earth praise him, the seas and all that move in them” (Psalm 69:34)

Dear reader, I don’t know what your view of God is. Some of you who follow us may not know Him personally but you’re curious to learn more (that’s a good start). Today, I pray that your view of God be completely changed, for the good!

If He created the stars and the whales to praise Him, don’t you think He wants the same from you? He created you. You are more precious then the birds of the air and the flowers of the field (Mat. 6:25-34). You were made on purpose, by Him, to live on purpose, for Him! He is great and worthy to be praised! Amen.


Danny K.

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